Our Banking Partners

Don’t lose a customer because they can’t pay upfront for your tax preparation services. Offer bank products. There’s even an incentive for your tax office. You’ll never pay for tax software again!

Settlement Solutions

Benefits of Using Bank Products

  • Earn Free Software
  • Fast data entry and instant flow between forms
  • Built-in checks that prevent errors and omissions as you enter data
  • Easy electronic filing
  • Unlimited users in the same office and no network fee (fees may apply)

Generate Additional Stream of Income

  • By Streamlining Cash Flow
  • Most Refund Banks Offer Incentives
  • Cash Out on Rebates
  • Add Value Added Services

Close the Deal and Grow Your Business

Need help organizing your tax firm and creating a plan. Let us help you with your business plan. We’re here to help you grow successfully!

Bank Products

Refund Advantage offers tax refund products, and is lead by a management team with over 21 years of experience

providing tax refund products.

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) portfolio of financial services and their commitment to customer service will help satisfy your business needs now and in the future.

Republic Bank & Trust Company offers a quick and convenient way for receiving refunds and paying tax preparation and other fees with their refund.

3Fund in partnership with TPG is a preparer payment solution that combines three low cost refund options under one brand.

EPS Financial allows you to collect your tax preparation fees from your clients refund and offers attractive tax preparer incentives.